This unicorn posed tirelessly for hours as I sculpted his figure in snow and ice. I had been longing to make something in the snow this winter past, but the sheer intensity of the snow daunted me somewhat. I was tired of shoveling and I wasn't eager to do a sculpture that would be buried in another snowfall the next day, but I waited and planned. At last one day was clear and cold and there were huge icicles hanging from the house. All I needed was a model, but I knew if I just started, he'd come. I used an icicle for the horn and poured ice water over the sculpture when I finished, to freeze it. I think he liked it. That evening I checked on the scupture from my bedroom window, and he was back. This time a small herd of deer stood a respectul distance away and watched with rapt attention as he demonstrated that he had been the model.
the end