Full-color, glossy prints of my paintings, hundreds to choose from! Choose a 5" x 7" print for $5, or 8" x 10" print for $10. Affordable, so that you can fill your house with art! Shipping is only in the contintental U.S. currently. All orders are shipped through the U.S. Mail. Shipping and handling are included. It's really simple:

  1. You tell me what painting you want a print of. Virtually anything I have ever posted on this site is up for grabs.*
  2. I make it and send it to you.
  3. Enjoy!

But Elena! I hear you cry. There are so many to choose from! How will I ever pick? If you don't have a particular image in mind, or you want to go browsing, try these:

Look in the gallery for some of my particular favorite paintings.

Go to the journal and click the tag "illustration friday" (or just do it here) to bring up all illos done for iFri.

Choose from my Flickr galleries of paintings.

Google "frenchtoastgirl" and the topic you're looking for to see if I've painted it. Worth a try!

go get 'em!
If you are using PayPal or a credit card, please send me an email with the prints and sizes you want. I will bill you through PayPal and your prints will be mailed to that address unless otherwise specified.

If you will be paying by check or money order, please click here for a printable form.

*If for any reason I cannot fulfill your order, your money will be refunded quickly (for instance, if painting requested was commissioned work and permission to reproduce was not given).

Because of the varying dimensions of the artwork, some paintings may have a larger margin than others.

The purchase of this print is for personal use only. These prints may not be scanned, reproduced, resold, placed on a webpage, or used as a part of another work. If you wish to purchase a license for a different use of any of this work, please contact me.

Any questions? Email me.

All artwork and content of this site copyright © Élena Nazzaro 1993-2010. Support your favorite artists and don't steal!